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Prince Edward's Industries

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852 (28mm), 878 (35mm), 341 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 16mm, 35mm, VHS, digibeta.
"Film about the prosperous Prince Edward county in the Bay of Quinte is Canada's chief canning centre. There, fruit and vegetables are processed in a sanitary fashion. Corn is de-cobbed before being canned, capped and cooked and then cooled, labeled, braided and packed. Men work at machines cutting corn from the cobs. Close-up of the machinery. Cleaning the silk. Man cleans silk from the machine. Another close-up. Filling and capping operations. Machines fill cans. Various shots of the operation. Cooking corn. Intertitle describes cooking temperature and the length of cooking time. Shots of cans of corn being put into large vats to cook and then being put into cold baths. Shots of tins being labelled, branded and packaged in one long shot. Close-up of woman labelling tins and putting them into a crate. Close-up of tin being turned to show the Dominion Corn label. Scenes from the seed house, a storefront showing the name of the company, Hogg and Lytle, Wholesale and Retail. Reel two begins with an intertitle about the milling of peas. Peas are milled, sent in bags to the hand-picking rooms. The capacity of the mill is 40 bags an hour. Footage shows bags being set upright on a vehicle conveyor belt, bags emptied out into a machine, the sorting machine, and various shots of bags being filled again by worker; women sorting peas in sorting room, bags ready for shipment to Europe, and hand sifting through an open bag of peas. Next is shown the process of condensing milk at Picton, Ontario. Footage shows: longshot of trucks arriving at plant; unloading milk containers; inspection of milk before it is poured into a tank; cooling tank; milk passing through cream separators; pasteurizing machinery; machinery used for condensing milk; and man pouring milk into large milk container. The final segment is about the local fishery. Footage shows: men spinning fishing lines on a large, square frame; man in boat; two men holding a catch offish; and fish in baskets."