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Hydro Development on the Severn River

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Alternate Titles: 
Power Development on the Severn River
Alternate title
Production Years: 
1920 to 1922


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
570 (28mm), 610 (35mm), 227 (16MM)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 28mm, 35mm, VHS.
"Travelling shot from a motor boat on the Severn River shows cottages, small islands, various types of trees, and wide angles shots of the river. Close up of exterior view of Hydro plant at Big Chute. Dam showing water flowing from control outlets at Pretty Channels. Water channels at Big Chute shows flowing water. Electrically operated marine car capable of carrying a boat 40 feet long with an 8 foot beam. Shows marine car loaded with a small motor boat ready for launching by sliding down chute into the water. Also shows marine car coming out of the water carrying a boat. Exterior view of Gate House Hydro Buildings at Head Race. Extreme close up of penstocks measuring 9 feet in diameter that supply water to the turbine. Part two starts with two men watching and checking generators at work. These generators develop 6500 hp. Transmission lines on poles running across rough country feeding the Severn system. Exterior of sub-station at Midland. Extreme close up of transmission lines on poles against a clear sky. Lake freighter alongside grain elevator. Exterior of sub-station at Port Nicol. Close up of interior of station showing transformers and other equipment. Shows Wasdell's Falls plant which develops 1200 hp, this being the first plant constructed and completed by the Hydro. Dam at Port Severn Locks on the Trent Canal a prospective Hydro development site."