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Greater Food Production

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694 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"Footage taken by the Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited in aid of [the] Greater Food Production Movement, and dedicated to the Canada Food Board. The Border Manufacturers' Farmer Association of Windsor, Walkerville, Sandwich, Ford and Ojibway have a novel scheme for increasing food production. Some land within three miles of Windsor, Ontario which has not been touched with the plough in four years and some adjacent land which this Association is putting under cultivation. There are 200 acres under cultivation, with plans to use 500 acres. Man sitting on tractor, posing for camera. A group of officers and active participants in the movement, including Harry Neal, who came up with the idea.
The idea is spreading because the scheme does not interfere with farm labour. Rather, it uses factory labour, a great part of which originally came from the farm and is experienced in farm work. Scenes near Chatham, Ontario show man on tractor ploughing a field, various types of Ford tractors pulling cultivating implements, a roller and a wagon, men forking some kind of vegetation or manure onto a wagon, tractor pulling two wagons, spreading manure(?); more ploughing; man measures depth of ploughing and lifts up chunk of earth; teams of horses pulling road scraper replaced by one Fordson tractor; horses and tractor stand side-by-side; the tractor is fuelled by kerosene while a horse can consume the produce of five acres each year. Man puts fuel in tractor. Various kinds of road-making equipment."