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Curiosity Shop

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Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm.
"Story about history of aluminium. We see all discoveries simulated by actors."


“Curiosity Shop,” Alcan 16mm Film Catalogue (Montreal: Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited: c.1960), 4.
“This sequel to ‘Unfinished Rainbows’ continues the human biography of aluminum and the story of the enterprise. The emphasis is upon research and development. Constant research is one of the many reasons why North Americans have the highest standard of living in the world. In this picture a young scientist forgets he has a date to take a very lovely girl to a college prom; he is too busy in a college laboratory with his experiments on a new type of aluminum television aerial. The girl’s father, a research man himself, sympathizes and before the picture ends the girl has seen anger replaced by pride."