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Battling Blue Fins

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Battling "Blue Fins"
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Blue Fin tuna sports fishing off Nova Scotia's shores. A tourism promotional film, it shows how a village called Wedgeport provides new tourist facilities for sports fishermen and how it maintains them. But above all it's about fishing for tuna in coastal waters. Noteworthy pictorials: fishermen overhaul their fishing vessels and the interior of the local hotel."


Canadian Travel Film Library, 16mm Motion Picture Films (Chicago/New York: Canadian Travel Film Library, 1954): 3.
"A ring-side seat for a battle with big fish off the south shore of Nova Scotia, where nearly all the world's tuna-fishing records have been made. At dawn boats slip out to the rip where tuna feed; bait and gear are readied, and then comes the fighting excitement of strike after strike, until the 700 pound monsters are hauled triumphantly aboard."

Canadian Tourist Association, Conservation Films (1954): 2.
"Fighting giants of the ocean meet world's best deep-sea anglers at Soldier's Rip, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia, greatest tuna angling center in the world and scene each year of the international Tuna Cup Competitions."