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This Is My Invention

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Alternate Titles: 
Ceci est mon invention
French version
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Public Secrets
Working title
Fence of Words
Suggested title
Production Years: 
1965 to 1967


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Library and Archives Canada.
"The purpose of this film is to give the Canadian public a basic understanding of their patent system and to demonstrate the importance of patents and inventions to the Canadian industry and economy. An interesting description is given as to why patents are necessary and how the system evolved. The film illustrates how an inventor would go about getting a patent in Canada. Three detailed and several cursory examinations of patented inventions are made, from an electronic device for levelling and aligning railway tracks to the mother's helper, the 'Jolly Jumper' for babies. Inventions are often humorous, sometimes beatiful, others bring power and profit."


Online database (National Film Board of Canada).
"An entertaining history of invention, showing how Canadian inventors protect their brain children through Canada's Patent and Trade Mark Institute. The film illustrates what a patentable invention is, and how it is investigated to ensure that it is really new. Some recent Canadian inventions that have found world markets are shown. A film for all who invent things and all whose lives are improved by new inventions."

"Un agent de brevet et un examinateur du gouvernement présentent une quantité énorme d'informations relatives à l'obtention d'un brevet d'invention, à la protection qu'il accorde à la nouvelle découverte et à son auteur ainsi qu'à l'importance des inventions dans l'économie d'un pays. Un certain nombre d'inventions réalisées au Canada et à l'étranger peuvent être examinées."

Crawley Films, Free Films: Sources of Free 16mm Sponsored Films in Canada Compiled and Published by Crawley Films (Ottawa: Crawley Films, April 1969): 32.
"Gives a basic understanding of patent system and demonstrates the importance of patents and inventions to the Canadian industry and economy."

Victor Atkinson: animation.