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Canadian National Pictorial

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Library and Archives Canada
"This newsreel contains four stories, each featuring different activities of organizations across Canada. Included is the unearthing of prehistoric animals of the prairies; shots of the Royal Ontario Museum; mountain climbers in Alberta, including the first Canadian woman to climb Mount Assiniboine; and footage of scientists in Steveville, Alberta, uncovering dinosaur fossils. In 1919, the Canadian government's Department of Public Information hired Pathéscope to produce ""Canadian National Pictorial,"" a weekly newsreel to educate Canadians about the country's geography, industrial possibilities and culture. The government had editorial control over the series. When the government withdrew its financial support in July 1921, the newsreel stopped production."

"Canadian National Pictorial was a newsreel produced from 1919 to 1921 by the private company Pathéscope of Canada Ltd. The Canadian government funded the newsreel" (source: Library and Archives Canada).